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What do the children and their parents think of Orchard ?

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Parents are welcome to give their feedback to the school at any time, through the usual channels. 


Ofsted's ParentView is always available, and can be reached by clicking the link provided.


Our latest Parent Survey and separate Pupil Survey took place during January 2022. The results of both surveys can be found at the bottom of this page.


As a School, we are very proud of the work we do and value these opportunities for feedback. Both surveys have been discussed at the Governing Body. 

One question we are always keen to ask is about what parents value the most about Orchard. Here are just a few of the replies  we received(in no particular order!)... 


What do you value most about Orchard?

  • The staff

  • I went there as a child

  • Sense of community, approachable staff in all areas

  • The all round nurturing environment

  • The Staff are and have always been amazing, from the infants to the juniors.
    I’ve never had an issue and appreciate every they do for my children.

  • Fun learning

  • There are some wonderful teachers, teaching assistants and other staff at the school.

  • My child is happy and enjoys school

  • Care and support

  • It feels very much that my child's class teacher is for her. She enjoys what she does at school I think in part because it seems to have plenty of different opportunities to be involved. Eco warrior etc .

  • Communication is good and I feel they are consistent with the way things are done.

  • Interesting topics whilst reinforcing the basics

  • Teachers are quick to respond and help with concerns

  • It’s really friendly and keeps us very well updated , with all aspects of my child.

  • I value the sense of community, whilst at the same time knowing my son is treated as an individual. He’s part of something bigger and wider than himself/his class alone and he really thrives on that. This is the first school year where I’ve felt my son is settled and wholly happy. I know this is in part due to COVID, but he has just blossomed in Year 5 and I am so grateful to the wonderful Year 5 team - I value them an awful lot!

  • Our teacher being so wonderful!

  • Friendly, safe environment for learning

  • Friendly environment

  • Caring, kind and professional teachers and reception team. Who go out of their to make you feel part of a wider community that genuinely cares for all aspects of your child’s development. They take the time to get to know my child as an individual.

  • The way the parents are included and treated. The staff go above and beyond.

  • The friends my child has made and the schools friendly and helpful staff

  • The atmosphere, hopefully making my child feel save, comfortable and able to learn

  • The whole school community and how approachable everyone is.

  • My child is supported to reach their full potential

  • Topics make subjects more interesting and there are rewards for hard work. I also appreciate being able to contact the teacher direct by email.

  • Communication home especially during lock downs. Knowing parents of children at other schools in the area they were shocked about how much support we as parents and the children got, as they received a very different experience.

  • Curriculum is well respected, teachers are committed, wide range of OOS activities

  • Having a class email has made it easier to contact teachers.

  • Varied curriculum, lots of opportunities to enjoy learning

  • The staff are always friendly and approachable and have gone above and beyond to help with various things. Reception staff included.

  • Orchard has been professional all through my child's junior school education, the teachers and other staff members have been fantastic. My child has never complained about going to school and really enjoys going. We feel that orchard provides a togetherness with the pupils and it's like a big family

  • Communication from school. Most staff are approachable. Lovely grounds. Range of clubs offered. Parental involvement in Celebration of Work (pre-Covid with older sibling.) Speed of response from class teachers when issue raised.

  • Being able to talk with the staff when I need to

  • The professional and super caring nature of ALL the staff and volunteers within the school. Looking out for the children in a holistic way, not just an educational way,

  • The extra curricular clubs/activities.

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