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Balancing Screen Time

As we’ve now (hopefully) come through the lockdown, we wanted to help families with some advice and guidance about “screen time” and getting a healthy balance back.


We know that children spent a massively disproportionate amount of screen time over lockdown – to do home learning, to watch TV, to play games, to online chat with friends and family. This was all perfectly sensible at the time, but as school and life get back into more of its normal pattern we wanted to help you to give the message to your child should they not be so keen to return to normal screen time use - and that you have school to support you with this message.


The pdf guide below has been taken from and we feel is a really useful, sensible and realistic guide to supporting families.


However, if this is concerning you then please read their more detailed advice, specifically for 7-11 year olds, by clicking here. Advice for other age bands is also available on the same website.

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