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Welcome to Year 3...

On the night before, make sure you are all organised so there are no last minute rushes, including getting a packed lunch ready . We are asking you to have a packed lunch available for Day 1 and 2 until your Scopay account is set up for ordering dinners. We are a cashless school and everything will need to booked through a Scopay account. A letter will be coming home after Day 1


Your child will need to be in their full school uniform on the first day.


PE days will be notified to you after Day 1


Our normal “drop off window” is between 8.35 and 8.50; bring your child to school between these times.


Remember, our Year 3 team is a very experienced, caring team. The Year 3 teachers, LSAs and our School’s ELSA team will be on hand to help any children struggling to settle on the first morning.


During the first week, all of the Year 3 team will be on the playground at the beginning of the day to greet the children. Please come through the green double gates next to the garage.


Hopefully by the following Monday all the children will be happy to go through the normal single gate with all the other children. If you feel that your child is not ready to do this by Monday 11th September, please speak to your class teacher.


"Pick Up Window"


The playground gates will always open at 3.00pm The children come out of school at 3.20pm


They will exit at 3.20pm by their classroom door onto the playground

The door is next to the playtrail


3LM & 3RK

They will exit at 3.20pm with the teachers, bringing the children out to the playground through the extension exit doors (near the picnic tables outside the hall) and will then assemble by the long wooden benches at the back of the playground


Parents will have an opportunity to speak to the teachers during this time.


The pick up arrangements will continue until further notice.


If you have any further questions, please contact the class teacher, using their email

Your first day...

Hello everybody and welcome to Orchard Junior School!

We can't wait to meet you!


This page has been written for you, our new children, to help you in this really exciting time.


It's also to help  your parents along the way so that they know you're going to be OK!  Well - more than OK. You're going to shine!


We have put together a document that includes many of the questions we frequently get asked at transition. Please click here. 

More general FAQs on the school are well worth reading under the Key Information section of this website.

(Please note that PE days will be a Tuesday & Thursday so the children will need to wear their PE kits on these days.)

Please ask...

If you need to get in touch with any part of the school, please use the emails below before the end of term (you'll appreciate we cannot guarantee any kind of response time during the school holidays):

Mrs Knight.jpg
Miss Yarrow.jpg
Miss Manuel.jpg
Working Mom

For anything to do with day-to-day classroom matters in Year 3: 

Mrs Knight (3RK) and Year Leader:


Miss Yarrow (3HY):

Miss Manuel (3LM):


For all admin queries, including financial, dinner or medical:


For SEN matters contact Miss Tracey:


For significant pastoral matters contact our ELSA team:

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