welcome to OJS and welcome to year 3

Hi everybody and welcome to Orchard Junior School.


This page is being written to you, our new children, to help you in this really exciting time. It's also to help you help your parents along the way so that they know you're going to be OK! 

Well - more than OK. You're going to shine!

So, first thing's first; let's introduce you to some people you are going to get to know pretty fast when you start here, in the videos below:

We have put together a document that includes many of the questions we frequently get asked at transition. Please click here. 


If you need to get in touch with any part of the school, please use the emails below before the end of term:

For anything to do with day-to-day classroom matters in Year 3: 

Mrs Knight (3RK) and Year Leader: 3RK@orchardjunior.com

Miss Bouchard (3CB): 3CB@orchardjunior.com

Miss Hampton (3JH): 3JH@orchardjunior.com

For all admin queries, including financial, dinner or medical:



For SEN matters contact Mrs Atkinson:



For significant pastoral matters contact our ELSA team: