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Our aim is to provide ample opportunity to our students to experience as many sports as possible during their time at Orchard Juniors. Entering in to the New Forest School Sport Partnership competitions, Southampton Football Leagues and Cup, as well as hosting numerous sporting events throughout the year ourselves at Orchard Juniors with other local schools; to provide a range of opportunities and events from inclusive festivals to competitive pathway events to allow opportunities for all levels of sports participation.  

Children are encouraged in assemblies to attend lunch time training sessions for upcoming events, from which we select our teams. 

Team Orchard Update


As our first term is starting up we are hoping to build on an extremely busy, yet outstanding sports calendar from last term. We already have some lined up! 

Years 3/4 Hockey

We have a fun Hockey Match for the years 3 and 4 coming up we are excited to see who wants to compete and who will enjoy their time playing Hockey.

Years 5/6 Cross Country

We are heading out again with years 5 and 6 to hopefully build on our cross country reputation and have a lot of fun.

Years 5/6 Girls Football

We are looking forward to our girls football team playing later this term and we are behind them all the way in their matches.

KS1 Cross Country

We are teaming up with Orchard Infant to have a Key Stage 1 cross country event this term, we look forward to welcoming the pupils and encouraging them to enjoy cross country

Years 5 / 6 Dodgeball

We also have a Dodgeball tournament coming up which years 5 and 6 are looking forward to participating in.

We will keep you updated with how we get on this term!

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