Please find the work Miss Slatter has set for Monday 2nd November 2020.

Please email the completed work back to the 5BS email address - 5BS@orchardjunior.com

Outline of tasks:


  • Practise your spellings for a test on Tuesday.

  • Practise your Times Tables. (Either go onto TTRS or PM or print out grids from the school website)

  • Complete the SPaG sheet after watching the POWERPOINT to remind you how to punctuate dialogue.

  • ICT Go onto BBC Dance Mat typing and practise for 20 minutes.

  • Read the Guided Reading Text on Queen Victoria. Look up any words you are unsure of.

  • Maths either go through the PowerPoint and write you answers down OR print out and complete the sheets. (identical to the PP)

We hope you are all well and look forward to seeing everyone back in school on Tuesday 3rd November 2020


Please find the links to the Maths tasks below - all the tasks are the same, please select the easiest format.

PowerPoint - Maths



Answers (in word)

Guided Reading

Please find the guided reading text link below.

Guided reading text


Wonderful Wellies: In Autumn and Winter we make much more use of our wellies,

but their design is usually very boring indeed. This is your chance to be creative...

You could:

Draw and create your own design. There is a template here is you need one, or just draw your own. How will you colour it? Pencils and Pens? Paints? Collage? Your creative choice...


Or instead you could:

With someone at home's help, clean up and old pair that you no longer need in your house and find ways to redecorate them!

Be imaginative and have fun!

Want to stay in contact?


To find your class blog, go to the Purple Mash home page and find the ‘Tools’ box. Find the Communicate box and click on 2blog. Here you will find your class blog from which you will be able to contact your teacher and members of your class. Make sure your messages are kind and helpful. You can also email each other or the teachers through Purple Mash.


You can email things you've done to your class teacher at "classname"@orchardjunior.com. 

Someone will try to look at the emails each week day and get back to you.

As always, we would like you to practice your times tables and spellings.

Parents please test your children in the way we do at school - they will tell you how!



We have access to excellent online library service



Check here for this week's spelling list and Key Word Lists.

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Children must practice weekly their times tables to get their next award.