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At Orchard we firmly believe in the importance of the whole curriculum and the positive effects that extra-curricular activities can provide. We provide a whole host of sporting, musical and creative activities for the children to take part in across the School.


Below is our current list of clubs. Due to the nature of clubs, the list may not be wholly accurate as time goes by, but certainly gives a good indication of the clubs currently running by both our school staff and external providers. 


For lunchtime clubs, children are informed during assemblies of when clubs are taking place; there is no need for parents to do anything in regards to lunchtime clubs - other than ensure they have the right things on the right day! However, permission slips and/ or payment will always be required for after school clubs.

Lunchtime Clubs

Monday 12.15-12.45   Year 5 & 6 Football    Shin Pads & Boots required

   Appropriate weather kit

Tuesday 12.15-12.45   Year 5 & 6 Tag Rugby    Boots/ muddy trainers required

   Appropriate weather kit

Wednesday 12.15-12.45   All Years Long Running   Trainers required

   Appropriate weather kit

Thursday 12.15-12.45   Year 3 & 4 Football   Shin Pads & Boots required

   Appropriate weather kit

Friday 12.45-1.15   All Years Choir 

After School Clubs 

Monday- Football   Years 5/6   Shin Pads & Boots required

 Mr Dyer Appropriate weather kit- Collect from Noadswood

 Netball Team Training   PE Kit

 Miss Bouchard  

Tuesday- Football   Years 3/4   Shin Pads & Boots required

 Mr Dyer Appropriate weather kit

 Dodgeball Years 5/6   PE Kit

 Mr Ramsey  

Wednesday- NO CLUBS  


Thursday- Dodgeball   Years 3/4   PE Kit

 Mr Ramsey  

Friday- Athletics   All years   PE Kit

 Mr Ramsey  

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