Week beginning: 1 JUNE 2020

Year 6, This is your last half- term as Junior school children – you are working so hard and making us so so PROUD.

  • 3x Literacy lessons – 1 of them is a SPaG lesson, where you will be given your new spellings for the week, and then 2 literacy sessions

  • Guided Reading x 3 sessions

  • 3 x Maths lessons – 1 session will be arithmetic and the other 2 will be subject specific. There will also be an EXTENSION task for those of you who want the challenge!

  • Then… History, Geography, Science, PE, ICT, Music, Art will be set weekly too. We shall set the tasks and you do the tasks that you want, whether it is 2 or all 4.  It is up to you.


SATs BUSTER BOOK- continue to do these when you want to fill your time.

Mental maths books – Daily task – Week 32 – work through your book daily.

Do not forget to look at your PURPLE MASH emails – this is where we communicate with you.


Day 1 : SPAG lesson – Complete the sentences using the simple past tense and the past progressive. Look at the examples before starting.


Day 2: Watch the clips that are on the task sheet, read the example text and Using the given pictures, plan out the recount, ensuring you add in events, key facts and emotions. See task sheet for more details – this is a really long task so can take more than a day.

Day 3: using all of the new information from the 2 chapters, create a “Role on the wall” of Ted.  See task sheet for more details


This week we will be looking at some more measurements.  No rulers this time as we will be looking at weight and capacity. These tasks are quite practical! Hope you enjoy them!


Day 1: Complete the arithmetic sheet in the folder 

Day 2: Flag investigation – see sheet

Day 3: Challenge task: Flag measuring


Task 1: READ THE BLURB… What clues does it give us about…  See task sheet and text

Task 2: Read chapter 1 and answer questions about it.

Task 3: Find clues of the characters

GR - Cover.jpg

Click the Cover to Read the Text.

other tasks to do

Here are some other tasks for you to do as and when you get the chance.


Geography: Where in the world? A Great British tour guide for aliens. Click on Big Ben for your instructions.

History: British monarchy. Click on the crown for your task.

Music: Painting musical portraits. Click on the musicians for your task from Mrs Beton.

PE: REAL PE Day 6.  

Username:     Password: orchardinf

 Tasks do not need to be printed; work can be done in books or practically.

Girl Band
Big Ben
Image by Mitya Ivanov
real pe2.jpg

Want to stay in contact?


To find your class blog, go to the Purple Mash home page and find the ‘Tools’ box. Find the Communicate box and click on 2blog. Here you will find your class blog from which you will be able to contact your teacher and members of your class. Make sure your messages are kind and helpful. You can also email each other or the teachers through Purple Mash.


You can email things you've done to your class teacher at "classname" Someone will try to look at the emails each week day and get back to you. 

As always, we would like you to practice your times tables and spellings.

Parents please test your children in the way we do at school - they will tell you how!


Recorded in their Reading Journals at least three times a week.

The Alphabet Watercolor


Check here for this week's spelling list.

Image by Chris Liverani


Children must practice weekly their times tables to get their next award.