Week beginning: 22 june 2020

I think some of you are going to be absolutely brilliant at the next literacy unit we are starting this week. Who is good at persuading their parents to let them stay up late? Or maybe you are incredibly convincing when you write your birthday list and going on and on and on about why you need each and every item? Well, now is the chance for you to use all of your silky skills of persuasion to write your very own advert.

I have a feeling some of you are going to be experts at this!

In science, it is time to explore the exciting journey that your food takes from mouth to ‘you know where’. We were really looking forward to building our own digestive system at school, but as this is impossible, there is the opportunity to do this at home. Believe me when I say it is best to do this in your garden! Have fun! Your guided reading tasks will reinforce your science knowledge, making you digestive tract experts!

Again, there are lots of tasks and subjects on offer, depending upon your own preferences and resources available. We look forward to hearing from you throughout the week! Have a good one Year 5!

nspcc assembly with ant and dec

If you didn't get the chance last week to watch this video, we've kept it on this page for one more week. We'd like all of you to spend some time watching this, which has been made by the NSPCC with the help of Ant and Dec. If you want to know any more afterwards, click on the "Keeping Safe" option above.

Day 1: Today you have two tasks:

  1. Write your new spelling (-sion) into your handwriting books and/or your spelling journal. Learn then, ready to be tested by someone at home on Friday.

  2. For this week’s task you can choose the genre of writing you would like to complete based on the picture ‘The Lighthouse’


Day 2: This week we are starting a new unit of Literacy based on persuasion. How good are you at persuading your parents that you should stay up late? Or maybe you know exactly what you have to do to get your Mum to but that new Xbox game that you say you can’t live without? Without knowing it, you will be using a wide range of persuasive devices to try to get what you want! Today you will be looking at the devices that advertisers use to try to get you to buy something….see what you can spot!


Day 3:  So now you should be familiar with all of the devices that are used to advertise items. I had a go at making three adverts myself! See what you think of them! Next, it’s over to you! You are going to need all of your silky persuasive skills ready as you attempt to sell some rather dodgy items! Have fun with this!



Day 1: This week we are going to gain confidence in reading tables and charts. Today we will start quite simply and remind ourselves of the importance of reading the headings on charts and highlighting key information. Take your time! Do not attempt to answer the questions until you are clear how to read and interpret the table.


Day 2: Hopefully you feel boosted by your success yesterday. Today, we will take it up a notch and work with tables which have two sets of headings/ criteria. Highlight the key information and double check what the question is asking you. There is an extension for those of you who feel able to stretch yourself a bit.


Day 3: Reading a timetable will be a really important skill as you become more independent. You will need to know what time the bus or train is coming and how long each journey will take. For those of you up for a challenge, there is a 24 hour clock timetable set as an extension task. Miss Hampton's video is there to help you if you need it! Good luck! Don’t be late!

rock stars.jpg


Maybe do this task a long time before you are about to eat your lunch or dinner! In this week’s text, you will be exploring the wonderful world of the digestive system. The text is in poster form; if you want to print it, make sure you fit it to one page. Or, to save ink, just have it up on the screen. The third task is for those of you who are keen to delve a little bit deeper into the biology of this topic. Good luck! Lots of new vocabulary here!

Click the picture above to read the text

other tasks to do

Here are some other tasks for you to do as and when you get the chance.


Science: We are so disappointed not to be delivering this lesson to you at school! It is all about the digestive system and we were planning to build our own system of the journey your food makes in the Hall! Anyway – we are sure you will enjoy learning all about this from home! Your Guided Reading is also linked to this and so you should have a lot of information! Click on the person eating for the task!

Art: How did you get on with your first Pop Art lesson? We saw some amazing work and we’re really excited to see what you produce this week. I think we have a lot of really talented artists in Year 5! Click on the Pop Art logo for your task.

DT: The final part of the project is to think about advertising and selling the product. It’s really important to have catchy advertising which is aimed at your target audience (the people who you want to buy your product)! There are two tasks that complete the project, but you only need to do one! Click on the salad for the task.

PE: Time to get working! Look on the resource sheet and it will guide you to the lesson we would like you to have a go at this week!

Boys During a Gymnastics Practice

So, last term we set you the challenge of sharing with us your Seven Wonders of the World! There were some absolutely stunning powerpoints, booklets and posters produced. Well done.

Our next project, designed to last over several weeks, is linked to our project on healthy living! You will need to do some research before you start this and you may wish to do a few of the science lessons first so that you have more knowledge – it is up to you.

We would like you to design and create a 5 day healthy living programme for you and your family. There are more details of this on the sheet in the resources. How you present this is totally up to you. You were really creative last time, so we are looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Maybe you could film a little exercise clip and become the new Joe Wickes of Orchard!

Click the Healthy Lifestyle heart above for full details.

Whatever you do, we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Good luck Year 5.

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You can email things you've done to your class teacher at "classname" Someone will try to look at the emails each week day and get back to you. 

As always, we would like you to practice your times tables and spellings.

Parents please test your children in the way we do at school - they will tell you how!


Recorded in their Reading Journals at least three times a week.

The Alphabet Watercolor


Check here for this week's spelling list.

Image by Chris Liverani


Children must practice weekly their times tables to get their next award.