Mrs Fenton
Mrs Fenton

- Year Leader Class Teacher - 5JF Tuesday-Friday

Mr Van
Mr Van

- Class Teacher - 5JF Monday

Miss Slatter
Miss Slatter

- Class Teacher - 5BS

Mr Tappenden
Mr Tappenden

- Class Teacher - 5TT

Mrs Bell
Mrs Bell

- Learning Support

Mrs Rutter
Mrs Rutter

- Learning Support

Mrs Simmonds
Mrs Simmonds

- Learning Support

Welcome to Year 5! We are so excited about having you all moving up to Year 5 in September and thought that we had better start getting to know you a bit now! It hardly seems like yesterday that you were entering Year 3, yet here you are, arriving in upper school at Orchard! Wow- how time flies! In preparation for September, we need you all to start searching for a shoe-box! Ideally, each child will need a shoe-box for a Geography project in week 3 of term. Please bring them in when we start back in September.


Hasn’t it been the strangest year at school? We have been chatting to your Year 4 teachers, all of whom are incredibly proud of how you have coped and worked throughout the lockdown period of time. It has required resilience and determination and so many of you have shown what true Orchard pupils you are, keeping on going even when things are tough! Well done all of you!


For this final school week, we would like you to have a go at just three tasks, all of which are creative but will help us to learn a bit more about what makes each of you unique. The work will be in folders, in the same way that your work has been organised recently. Good luck – we are very much looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

As we have not been able to have any ‘Meet the Teacher’ days, we would really like you to complete a task this week where we can learn a bit about all of you. For example, what is your favourite flavour of ice-cream? Where do you like to go to relax? Who is your all-time favourite author? Which subject gets you most excited at school?

There is a choice of two sheets to complete here. The instructions are all on a Powerpoint that we have made for you behind the number 5. We would love to be able to make a display of your work in your new classroom. Therefore, if at all possible, we would like you to send us your work via email (addresses on Powerpoint) or drop it into school at some point this week - there will be a Year 5 collection box placed by the flagpole for you to do your work. If neither of these are possible, just carefully save your work and bring it into school on your first day in September.

Make your sheets colourful and bright, reflecting you as a person. Do not try to be like anyone else; you are you and that is good enough! Good luck!


The Tree of Talents

We all have skills and talents which make us unique. I wonder what you can do that makes you stand out from the crowd? Do you have an unusual hobby? Are you a phenomenal baker? Do you have a skill that none of us know about? Did you know Miss Slatter is an incredible artist? Mr Tappenden is quite useful with a football! Mrs Fenton is quite a nifty tap-dancer! Would you believe it?!

For your PSHE task this week, we would like you to print out the apple template (click on the Orchard logo) or you can work on it using a computer if that is available for you at home. We would like you to either:

  1. Copy and paste a photo of yourself onto the apple and type in the box about your talent

  2. Print out the sheet or draw your own apple and complete with your best handwriting and drawing skills.

We are going to use your apples to create a Tree of Talents display in our classrooms so please decorate it. If you are able to mail your apple or drop it into school, that would be really helpful.


book bingo.jpg


Challenge 1: 

Have you ever played Bingo? Over the Summer, we would like you to have a go at playing Reading Bingo. On the sheet in resources, there is a grid with 25 reading tasks for you to complete. When you finish each one, cross out or colour in each square. How many will you be able to complete in the next 7 weeks? Bring your grids in for us to admire in September! The teachers are going to do this too, so consider it game on


Challenge 2:

A few years ago, we set the children at Orchard the challenge of sending us a photo of them reading in an unusual place. We would like to repeat this photo opportunity to help us create a colourful display for our reading corners. So, send us your photos as your relax and enjoy a great book! We cannot wait to see where you manage to read this Summer! Please mail to your new class teacher:

Mrs Fenton:  5JF@orchardjunior.com

Miss Slatter: 5BS@orchardjunior.com 

Mr Tappenden: 5TT@orchardjunior.com

Again, the teachers will be taking part in this challenge and are coming up with some very adventurous ideas!

Want to stay in contact?


To find your class blog, go to the Purple Mash home page and find the ‘Tools’ box. Find the Communicate box and click on 2blog. Here you will find your class blog from which you will be able to contact your teacher and members of your class. Make sure your messages are kind and helpful. You can also email each other or the teachers through Purple Mash.


You can email things you've done to your class teacher at "classname"@orchardjunior.com. 

Someone will try to look at the emails each week day and get back to you.

4DW@orchardjunior.com           4MT@orchardjunior.com          4ZB@orchardjunior.com

As always, we would like you to practice you read, as well as practice your times tables and spellings.



We have access to excellent online library service



Check here for this week's spelling list and Key Word Lists.

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Children must practice weekly their times tables to get their next award.