Week beginning 11th January

Well done for settling back in to Home Learning so well. For your first turn at Junior home learning we were so proud of what you achieved. It was lovely for us to see your brilliant work last week and we can’t wait to see what you produce this week!

We properly start our work on "Strictly Bake Off" this week, and think about chocolate and a balanced diet!

We have three maths and three literacy tasks for you to do, as well as a number of other subjects for you to have a good go at too.

Your spellings have been set on Purple Mash, but before you do this please practice first, as what goes on purplemash we will take as being your test! Also remember to go on TTRS to practise your times tables. Your teachers are keen to see how many coins you are earning!

Please keep in touch with each other and your teachers through emails and the blog.

We will be ‘marking’ 3 pieces of work each week and these are highlighted below.

This week’s literacy is based on Chocolate!


Chapter 1
Day 1 Literacy Video

Day 1:

Today is all about chocolate! We are building up to writing a poem about what chocolate is to us. Task 1 is to write 10 amazing, really positive adjectives about chocolate. Task 2 is to come up with 5 different phrases all to do with the chocolate. Have a watch of my video if you are struggling.

Day 2:

Today we would like you to have a go at writing your poem. If you are struggling, there is a help sheet and I have done a step by step guide in a video.


Edit your work and publish it on paper. ASSESSED WORK- This is the piece of work your teacher would like to see. Please email it to them.

Chapter 1
Day 2 Literacy Video

Guided Reading:

This week, we will be starting to look at another Roald Dahl "masterpiece" - George's Marvellous Medicine. Again, you may have heard the story before but we're going to really look at some of the detail of Roald Dahl's writing. The text is in the word document, and we encourage you to read the text and use Miss Hampton's reading as well if you need the support (as tempting as it is, don't just listen to Miss Hampton!) Then there are the tasks - you can either do them in one go or spread them out over the week. Enjoy!

Chapter 1
Guided reading Video


Your spellings this week are on Purple Mash. We would like you to complete the Purple Mash task and the three short tasks on the worksheet provided.

This week’s spelling have the suffix -er or -est.  Look at the "Spelling Rule" document where there are lots of examples and the rules are explained.  You can then practise your spellings on the Look, Cover, Write, Check sheet before completing your spellings on Purple Mash.  We will be marking your scores on Purple Mash so make sure you have practised first.


Chapter 1
Day 1 Maths Video

This week we will be looking at addition.  The children are expected to be able to add HTO+ HTO (453 + 134) using the expanded column method.  Some children may need to continue practising TO + TO and use jottings to help them solve addition problems.  The children have been taught to carry the tens or hundreds (and put it under the doormat).  See the video for lesson 1 for support.

rock stars.jpg


Solve addition problems using a method to show your working out.  Task 1: TO + TO and Task 2:  HTO + HTO.  Do one task or both if you feel confident.  ASSESSED WORK-   Please can you email in today’s work so we can see the method you are using.

Day 2 

Task 1: Generate own numbers with a dice or create own number cards to create own number sentences.

Task 2 – Solve addition worded problems.

Day 3:

100 maze challenge - there is only one task today as it is a maths challenge! Work your way through the maze adding the numbers each time until the maze is finished and you have a grand total.

Weekly Extras:

Complete your Purple Mash ToDos.

other tasks to do


In Science we’re thinking about healthy eating and making sure we have a balanced diet. There is a video to watch where Mr Parker talks through the slides, but the slides are also there in a separate document for you to look at. We’d then like you to complete an Eatwell plate (it’s all explained) and then create your own balanced dinner (including pudding and drink!)


In French we will be learning the different vocabulary to describe our body parts. There is a short vocabulary video to watch. [We are aware that the PurpleMash task isn't working since Tuesday - this we cannot fix for now]. Then you should draw a picture of yourself and label your body parts using the French vocabulary word mat to help you or use purple mash to complete this task. You COULD play a game of ‘Simon dit’ (Simon Says) in French.

Science information

Chapter 1
Science Video

Science Task

Chapter 1
French Video

Coaching points to remember:

Under arm throw

Eyes focused on target

Non-throwing arm pointing at target

Knees slightly bent in ready position


Questions to ask yourself:

How much power does the throw need?

Was it accurate?

What did you do well?

What do you need to do differently next throw?

Keep in touch with Mr Ramsey:

Mr Ramsey would love to hear how you got on with this PE challenge. 

Keep him posted with your results so he can see your progress so email him through PURPLEMASH.

Food fact of the week: CARROTS

Known for their bright orange appearance, carrots are ripe with nutrients that help the immune system and, as the saying goes, your eyes!


In ICT this week, we would like you to use the 2type programme on Purple Mash.  The first unit to complete is the home, top and bottom row keys section.  See the separate sheet to show you how to find the programme.  Work through each part and follow the instructions carefully.  Make sure you use the correct fingers!


P.E at home – Week 2 – Throwing skills

Compete against someone at home

Equipment required

  • Tennis ball or rolled up socks

  • Targets e.g. canned foods or teddies

ICT Task

Activity 1 -  Battle Ships



Image by Bruno Nascimento


Image by Sven Mieke


Caring Child


Pile of Tennis Balls

Activity 3 

Throwing a Tennis ball

Strong Man





Over this half-term, we would like to set you a research project. We would love you to think about different ways to keep healthy. It’s so important to keep healthy and to do everything in balance.  We’d like you to research these different aspects of keeping healthy and produce a lovely project based on them.

Chapter 1
Explanation of Long project

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapter

Our class story this term is: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,listen to us read each chapter.

If you need the first three chapters you can watch them by clicking this link.

Chapter 1
Chapter 4
Chapter 1
Chapter 5
Chapter 1
Chapter 6
Chapter 1
Chapter 7
Chapter 1
Chapter 8
Chapter 1
Chapter 9
Chapter 1
Chapter 11
Chapter 10
Chapter 10

Want to stay in contact?


To find your class blog, go to the Purple Mash home page and find the ‘Tools’ box. Find the Communicate box and click on 2blog. Here you will find your class blog from which you will be able to contact your teacher and members of your class. Make sure your messages are kind and helpful. You can also email each other or the teachers through Purple Mash.


You can email things you've done to your class teacher at "classname" Someone will try to look at the emails each week day and get back to you. 

As always, we would like you to practice your times tables and spellings.

Parents please test your children in the way we do at school - they will tell you how!



We have access to excellent online library service



Check here for this week's spelling list and Key Word Lists.

rock stars.jpg


Children must practice weekly their times tables to get their next award.