Week beginning: 6 juLY 2020

So this is our final week of year 3 home learning and the final week of our ‘Healthy body, Healthy mind’ project. Next week you will be being given work from your new Year 4 teachers to introduce yourselves to each other! To finish off we will be looking at the digestive system in science and guided reading and completing an important sun safety leaflet for our Literacy this week.


We have been so proud for the way you have all coped with this unusual way of learning – it hasn’t been easy but we have stuck together and got through as best we could! The work and projects we have seen have really blown us away and every email we received brought a smile to our face. Seeing your pictures on the blog and seeing you try your very best with the home learning – made us all very proud teachers! There will be another week of home learning next week but it will be set by your new teachers in year 4 – how exciting! So this is our week to give you something special – just to let you know how amazing we think you are and to say thank you for all being so awesome! We hope you enjoy the messages, slideshows and special words. Hopefully they will all help you to create your PSHE special memories page. Our time together was cut short – but what an amazing time we had! We will still be checking our emails and you can still continue to blog. If you have any questions or worries we are still here! We hope you enjoy this week’s work and messages and we hope you have a fantastic summer with much deserved time with family and friends! Make sure you come back and see us in September!

The Year 3 team.

Mrs Clothier, Mrs Knight & Mr Tappenden

3CK - End of Year Video
3TT - End of Year Video
3ZB - End of Year Video

In literacy this week, we would like you to design a sun safety leaflet. You will need to consider the effects of the sun and how to stay sun safe.  For the first two days you will gather information using a text and a video and then on the final day you can create you leaflet.  We would love to see your completed leaflets on our class blog.


Day 1:  Look over all the spellings for this half term. Practice any you found tricky. Maybe try the spelling showers or rainbow letters. Ask an adult to test you on a few from each week.

Task 2 - Read the sun safety information text and answer the questions.


Day 2: Watch the sun safety video.  Add some key information from the video under the sub headings. 


Day 3:  Using the information you have gathered, create a sun safety leaflet.  You will need to use a heading, sub headings and include lots of pictures. We've given you a choice of two templates, or you could completely design your own!


Click the picture above for the text


This week you will need to be a top maths detective. The Orchard Rabbit has been stolen and it is up to you to solve the crime before Mrs Taylor blows her top! Solve the maths clues each day and cross off the suspects to finally reveal the name of the criminal mastermind. Look through the power point to help you solve the clues.

Day 1: Watch the power point for help with clue 1 and 2. They are times, division and fraction problems.

Day 2: Watch the power point for help with clue 3 & 4. They are a mixture of times, division and missing number problems.

Day 3: Watch the power point for help with clue 5. Use grid references to help solve this.


EXTRA: Watch the power point for help with the confession. Use the grid references to reveal the message.

rock stars.jpg


Each week we will upload the text and the tasks that accompany the texts. They will be familiar with how to complete the tasks, as we do them every week. They will also need to read their own book and could teach you how to do ‘Echo Reading’.


Task 1: Retrieval  - The digestive system

Task 2: Summarise – The digestive system

Click the picture above for the text

other tasks to do

Here are some other tasks for you to do as and when you get the chance.


PSHE: This week we are going to look back and reflect on our time in year 3. It’s been a crazy year but we have had lots of high points. We have put together a year 3 reflection poster with boxes for you to complete (click on the girl looking in the mirror). We have included a video for each class to help you remember all the amazing times we had together (at the top of this page). Click on your own class folder to find your video and special messages! We hope you enjoy them! We've also put together a little poem to say good luck!


Science: Investigation time! Look through the PowerPoint of the digestive system - click on the picture of the child and dog eating for this. It talks you through a practical investigation which is great fun and shows the children very practically what happens to their food. If you can do the investigation yourselves that will be great! There is an investigation sheet with missing words, whether you get to complete the investigation or not, try to find the missing words on the sheet - click on the loo paper for this!!! Good luck. We will look forward to seeing some of the gross pictures from your experiments!

ART: Mrs Wingrove has set you the fun task of creating autologlyphs. To find out what these are and to see some examples click on the links.


FINAL WEEK - We would like to you to become Scientists! 

Can you think like a scientist and carry out an investigation?


Decide upon a question to investigate about the human body, gather your research by asking relevant people, record and present you findings. Click on the Scientist for more help and guidance - good luck!

Scientist on Computer

Want to stay in contact?


To find your class blog, go to the Purple Mash home page and find the ‘Tools’ box. Find the Communicate box and click on 2blog. Here you will find your class blog from which you will be able to contact your teacher and members of your class. Make sure your messages are kind and helpful. You can also email each other or the teachers through Purple Mash.


You can email things you've done to your class teacher at "classname" 

Someone will try to look at the emails each week day and get back to you. 

As always, we would like you to practice your times tables and spellings.

Parents please test your children in the way we do at school - they will tell you how!


Recorded in their Reading Journals at least three times a week.

The Alphabet Watercolor


Check here for this week's spelling list.

Image by Chris Liverani


Children must practice weekly their times tables to get their next award.