Being the Super Sporty School that we are, we did not want you to miss out on sports day. But this year, instead of the great big crowd, you can do it in the comfort of your own home, or garden, or beach, or field, or, frankly, wherever takes you fancy. Feel free to start your exercise with a picnic!

We've got nine activities for you to do. And, for once, you can rope in your family to take part too!

Or should that be "skipping rope them in" :) - bad joke - sorry!

What we'd like you to do, is do as many of the activities you can by midday next Monday (13th July). You can write your scores on the result sheet. Then we'd like you (with help from an adult if needed) to put your scores onto the Google Form (the link to click is below).  

We can then work out winners and publish them on this website.  

So, what are the nine activities we hear you ask?!!!

Click on each one and a mini-demonstration on how to do it, courtesy of some of our super Year 6 house captains!

As you go through each one, put your score onto the score sheet.

The sheet explains what points you get for each activity.

Once you have completed all nine challenges, please submit your results on the form here:

Mrs Walley is keen to put a video together of every one of you doing one of the challenges.

Please email your one favourite photo to her by Sunday at 4DW


We look forward to seeing how you get on! Good luck Orchard...

... and remember, at Orchard - WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!