Home Learning
Week Beginning: 8 November

We are so sorry that you can't be in school right now, but it is the best for everyone!

Here is the work for you to do, but only if you feel well enough to do it.

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If you are not sure about any of the tasks, please email your class teacher through the <classname>@orchardjunior.com email address and they will respond as soon as they can.

We are using the National Oak Academy, which is a Government funded initiative to support pupils working at home at this time. We have chosen units of work from there website that fit as best as we can hope for. All the lessons have videos to take you through the learning, and many have worksheets or a quiz - look for the dots at the bottom of the screen after you click into a lesson below. 


In Art, we're looking at the famous Victorian painter, William Morris.

Work through the ideas on  this video.



We have access to excellent online library service



Check here for this week's spelling list and Key Word Lists.

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Children must practice weekly their times tables to get their next award.